Addiction to Gambling: Can You Control Yourself?

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Gambling is extremely fun which actually is its biggest advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Because there is a chance that we might lose ourselves in the games we play. You remember when you were a child, you played games and sometimes the outer world didn’t seem to exist anymore. These moments were the most exciting. But while these were innocent games from our childhood, gambling is as dangerous as it is fun.

Gambling at Leo Vegas

Some people don’t get addicted to gambling and we often hear them wonder about how can other people get hooked? Unfortunately, for some once is enough. They may be browsing the internet for anything and stumble across a new online casino review. We all know that these reviews are always praising the casino and promoting its best offers – no deposit bonuses, free spins, deposit match bonuses and reload bonuses. For instance, there is a chance that if you search for something related to lions or maybe Leo Di Caprio, you will eventually stumble across a leo vegas casino recension. It may say that for as little as €10 deposit you may get €20 or €30 in return to play for free.

You think to yourself “€10 is not a lot to get €30” and create an account. You make a deposit and indeed, they give you free cash to play their games. There are hundreds of games themed by your favorite series, animations, movies, music groups, favorite book genre, etc. so, you try a couple of games. It is fun. And what’s more, every couple of spins you win something. A run onto a bad streak, lose a bit. No big deal. You’ve spent quite a bit on this slot that it ought to pay big soon enough. And there it is, a significant win that brings you almost back to your original bankroll. But you can’t leave after a big score, you’re getting lucky! And the story goes on.

See, when a person is losing, there is a thinking behind that a slot ‘owes’ them and must pay soon. When you win, you clearly can quit while you’re running lucky. This does eventually get people hooked on playing and often costs them their whole bankroll. Or worse.

Should you play slots if you want to? Sure. but you must take into consideration that in the heat of play, your mind will play with you too. You’ll find excuses not to quit until it may be too late. If you will keep this is mind, and have a clearly defined set of rules on when you quit, you should be fine most of the time.