A module player written with CBuilder. It recognizes .MOD and .S3M files. The user interface speaks either French or English depending on the host system primary language ID. Download Modwy: Download link #1 Visit homepage of Modwy:  



Pro-Music tracking software with full MIDI and VST plugin / VST instrument support. Integrated fully featured software in one package: pattern editor, instrument editor, sample editor. Without competition in music trackers area, as stated by music professionals. Full MIDI and VST/VSTi support Many internal DSP effects Sampler Sample and Instrument editors Track / Instrument Automation […]


MODPlug Player

A freeware 32-bit digital sound player that supports well over a dozen digital sound formats. Besides the .mod format you’d expect by the program’s name, you can open and play the .669, .far, .it, .med, .mdl, .mol, .mtm, .nst, .s3m, .stm, .ult, .wow, .xm, and .wav formats along with all flavors of zipped .mod files. […]